Entry #2


2013-12-15 18:18:26 by BouncyPiglett



LET ME TELL YOU. THERE ISN'T ANY. I have not, in all this time, made a single piece that I am even remotely pleased with.


I have been trying, yes. Struggling at length with this creative slump trying to make a series of noises that appeals to me, and I have just been utterly unable to do so.


No, noone has contacted me or asked me, so I understand that there aren't many of you who are even wondering. But just incase, I am informing you now. I haven't stopped, and I haven't given up. I'm just very hard on myself and my works because the thought of bringing the public anything other than my best feels so unthinkably insulting I cannot bear it.


My works might not be very good but they go through my most relentless scrutiny that what you hear is the best I have to offer at the time.

Even if I produce nothing for years this will continue to be the case. I will only bring you good people my best efforts, and so that is why you have heard nothing form me. My best has simply not been up to par.


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